Sending BLOOD samples to OptiGen

For only a £10 handling fee, we can help UK owners who want to send a package of blood samples to OptiGen for testing!

This is specifically to circumvent the restriction in posting blood overseas via Royal Mail. Sending blood to the USA now requires the use of an expensive courier, but we are extracting DNA from samples here in the UK as this can be sent via the cheaper Royal Mail services.

You (or your vet) will post the sample to us here at Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd in Cambridge and we will extract and post it on. We send samples once per week. The instructions are summarised below.

  •     Place your order online with OptiGen (, print off the OptiGen form and take it with you to the vet together with your dog.

  •     The vet should check that the dog presented is the dog on the form (by reading the microchip) before taking the blood sample.

  •     A 1ml blood sample is sufficient, and this should be an EDTA sample.

  •     The owner and the vet date and sign the form. Ask your vet to takes a photocopy of the form for you.

  •     Package the bloods as appropriate and include the printed Optigen form. Post to Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd, William James House, Cowley Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB4 0WX along with a cheque for £10 made payable to Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd, or pay by direct bank transfer to Sort Code: 40-34-38  Account Number 91444719 quoting your name as the reference, or by credit card over the phone, or using the PayPal button below. The £10 fee covers one consignment which can consist of multiple samples.

Sending SWAB samples to OptiGen

We can also supply swab kits suitable for OptiGen testing, which comprise two individually wrapped sterile swabs, printed sample envelope and sturdy return-addressed envelope. Swab kits are £5, and can be ordered and paid for using the PayPal button below. These can either be returned directly to OptiGen, or posted to our address in Cambridge with the Optigen paperwork and our £10 fee. The advantage of sending them to us is that we will extract the DNA and ensure that there is enough DNA before sending the sample on to OptiGen.

Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd will confirm by email when samples are received and then shipped to OptiGen. OptiGen will email the test results direct to the owner. In total the process takes a good 3 weeks - so please leave yourself enough time to receive the results.

Please feel free to phone or email if you have any further queries.

NB: The Familial Nephropathy (FN) test in the Cocker Spaniel and Ichthyosis in Golden Retrievers must be tested by Antagene ( for customers in Europe


Optigen handling fee (£10):

Mouth swab kit (£5):