Please note that we will be closed 12th – 21st August 2019 for our summer break. Our laboratory will be closed during this time, but online orders will continue to be sent out to you, and samples received during this period…

Tests performed by Optigen

Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRAprcd)

Due to the imminent closure of testing at the Optigen laboratory, we have now transferred CEA and PRAprcd testing to another partner laboratory with which we have worked for some time. Unfortunately there is still a patent in force in the UK for both of these tests, so we cannot perform them ourselves, but we are happy that we can continue to provide an excellent service to UK owners with this partner lab.This has also allowed us to reduce our prices for these tests, and bundles which include CEA and PRAprcd. Details of these prices can be found on our website - select your breed on our homepage to see which test options are available for your breed.

Samples which we send to partner labs are DNA extracted by us at our lab in Cambridge - this has the advantage that we confirm that your sample is adequate for testing before being sent abroad. It also means that the sample submitted is in the form of the stable extracted DNA. Testing with our partner labs takes approximately three weeks.

All testing ordered with us including CEA and PRAprcd is recognised by the Kennel Club and ISDS, and all results which qualify for a KC DNA screening scheme will be forwarded to the Kennel Club.