Payment options

Ordering a DNA test
Animal DNA Diagnostics tests can be ordered in two ways. The easiest and quickest is to enter the relevant details and pay online (Click on "I require a test" on the home page to get started). Online orders are very straightforward to complete. They also have the added advantage that the information will reach us as soon as you submit the order. We will then send you a sampling kit for each test ordered, complete with instructions and a return envelope. When your sample has been returned to us we will process the sample and report the result to you via email. A certificate will then follow in the mail.

Alternatively you can print out and fill in an order form which can be downloaded on the Home Page. This can then be posted with a cheque payment. Please ensure that the form is completed clearly. Once we receive your form we will send you a sampling kit for each test. Please note that these hand-written orders are subject to a 10% surcharge due to the additional administration required.


Other payment options:
Animal DNA Diagnostics can also accept payment for testing and for sample handling for OptiGen in the following ways:

  • By cheque (£ only please) made payable to Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd

  • By phone using a credit/debit card

  • By bank transfer to Sort Code: 40-34-38  Account Number 91444719, quoting your name as the reference. For international customers our details are: IBAN:  GB58HBUK40343891444719 SWIFT CODE:  HBUKGB4166L.

  • By Paypal to (£ only please), quoting your name as the reference.